Hail & Storm Damage

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When disaster strikes, you need someone that can represent your interests. All Around Windows has over 20 years of experience assisting homeowners in maximizing their insurance claims to cover ALL their damages. As the expert home inspector, All Around Windows will guide you through the process and help you recoup your losses swiftly and with ease.

Our expertise goes beyond window replacement, encompassing the innovation of the entire process. Our goal is to optimize and elevate the insurance claim process, ensuring a smooth and highly efficient experience.

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Why Choose All Around Windows?

Insurance Claim Support

Comprehensive Insurance Claim Support specific to windows and doors.

  • Navigate the complexities of insurance claims effortlessly.
  • We handle the entire claims process OR seamlessly integrate our proposals into existing claims.

Extensive Database

Extensive Database for Precise Proposals.

  • Our database includes all current and discontinued product lines for accurate proposals.
  • Our software ensures precision, going beyond the limitations of standard estimating tools like Xactimate.

Detail-Oriented Approach

  • Our team, with over 30 years experience, excels in being detail-oriented which is imperative when it comes to articulating window replacement as well as interior and exterior wall conditions.
  • Minimize mistakes and overlook no minor detail through our systematic process.

On-Site Expertise

  • We go beyond reports – we meet adjusters on-site, educating them on hail damaged windows and doors as we present our findings.
  • Our comprehensive reports, including photo documentation, strengthen our case when presenting to insurance.

Unparalleled Product Range

  • Partnering with major manufacturers, we offer a spectrum of products from spec windows and doors to high-end custom solutions, and more.

Windor, Milgard, Cardinal Windows

Did you know?

Damage to your home caused by destructive weather is covered by your insurance.

In Colorado, the weather includes hail, torrential rain, snow, dry spells, monsoon rain, and meteoric wind. These weather events often leave damage to your home.

All Around Windows should be in your corner to negotiate the insurance claim on your behalf, as we contain the knowledge to start the process, get you properly compensated, and most importantly complete the work.

Hail Damage is not always apparent at first glance.

All Around Windows will come closely inspect your windows for any existing damage. Damaged windows can be anything from chipped vinyl frames, dented aluminum, and/or broken glass. When unaddressed, these damages may lead to more severe home damage.

All Around Windows are Denver’s #1 window inspectors. We will take a magnifying glass to your claim and get you what you deserve.

Previous storm damage can go unnoticed.

If you believe weather damage to have gone unnoticed on your home, do not fear. Most insurance companies allow 1-2 years from the date of loss to file a claim.

All Around Windows can investigate your weathered worries, and help you determine when and if you qualify for a claim that pays to repair your home.

Navigating this process alone is never easy.

All Around Windows will come to your home at no cost to help you strategize the best path forward. Helping explain the nuances and fine print on your insurance policies.

Do not make any moves on your claim until All Around Window’s claims expert has thoroughly inspected your home’s damage, and taken a fine toothed comb to your insurance policy.

Home Damage Claims Process:

Step 1

Inspect ALL damages to home before making any claims.

Step 2

Review findings so that you are aware of what damages are present.

Step 3

All Around Windows creates comprehensive scope and submits to insurance.

Step 4

Create claim authorized by homeowner review.

Step 5

Contact insurance provider to submit evaluation and inspection.

Step 6

All Around Windows will create a team of the best and most affordable insurance claim contractors for each phase of the home restoration.

Step 7

Negotiate with insurance to get workflow bid approved.

Step 8

All Around Windows will schedule and complete all work outlined in insurance approved bids and workflow.

Step 9

All Around Windows will manage subcontractors and provide “turn-key” work completion.

Step 10

You can rest assured that work will be completed, and insurance claim will be processed seamlessly from start to completion.

Advocating for You

All Around Windows advocates for you, the homeowner. We understand how to get YOU the compensation and coverage you are entitled to for your home. All Around Windows will work with your insurance company directly to ensure you are properly compensated for your damage. Then we can do ALL of the work as outlined in our agreed upon workflow.

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Storm Damage

Storms come out of nowhere, and can damage your home from roof to foundation and everywhere in between. Your insurance that you pay for monthly is designed to repair the glaring damage like broken and collapsed structures, all the way to small blemishes like window sill dents, painting scratches and wind blown siding or roof shingles. All Around Windows will bring their experts to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the damage brought by weather wear and tear.

Better Than Before

All Around Windows will insure that your home is left better than it was before the damage occurred. That’s right- BETTER condition after restoration. That is what we do. We make everything better than it was. That is what insurance claims are for.

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All Around Windows has you covered from start to finish.

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Your One-Stop Shop

All Around Windows is your one-stop shop with professional relationships to take care of your whole home. Whether it’s roof damage, broken windows or flawed siding or gutters, All Around Windows is your hometown claims expert.

All Around Windows is Colorado’s Denver metro Window Expert. Our pro window services have been service Denver Metro homeowners for over 20 years. Choose Denver’s preferred window expert. We are an insurance claims specialist that offers no cost storm damage inspection and homeowner guidance through the insurance claims and adjusters process.

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