Commercial Building Restoration

All Around Windows & Restoration, LLC, provides unsurpassed commercial building restoration, building maintenance and building cleaning services in Denver Metro, Denver Tech Center and Colorado Springs, CO. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality workmanship and efficiency in the most professional manner!

All Around specializes in glass, metal, and stone restoration. We understand how certain building materials interact and affect one another which is the crucial to a successful restoration project. Our team utilize the newest and most efficient building restoration, maintenance and cleaning products and technologies. Through our exclusive relationship with Presto Products, we have OVER 20 years of experience cleaning, restoring, and preserving commercial and historical building surfaces.

The bottom line is that we take pride in providing premium quality commercial building restoration. After inspecting your property, our restoration expert will explain which glass, metal, and stone restoration services are required and why. We will then walk you through our proposed solution, explaining how we will resolve all restoration, and waterproofing or maintenance requirements.

While some buildings are seamlessly constructed using glass, metal, and stone materials, each require specific products to preserve the original appearance. Without proper protection, the exterior surfaces become damaged or deteriorated, and building restoration is the only option to recover their appearance and maintain structural integrity. Selecting the right restoration products will significantly decrease building expenses over time and keep your structure protected for decades.

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Commercial Restoration Services

Metal – A building’s metal surfaces, including window frames and aluminum composite panels, can develop the same unsightly stains that glass and stone develop. Detergent and other environmental grime collects on the frames, developing a high concentration of contamination. Often, window frames have many years of buildup that needs to be removed, since frames are usually not cleaned on a regular basis. The opposite occurs since dirty water is deposited on the frames during the window cleaning process and never removed. We have a product and system specifically designed for this type of application.

Glass – Windows on commercial buildings get severely stained due to various elements of the weather, age, and craftsmanship of the original glass. The conditions can lead to surface damage, effectively etching the glass material. We have a product and system specifically designed for this type of application. After performing glass restoration, a high-performance protective treatment should be installed, creating a polymeric barrier on the new glass surface, this barrier will help prevent future damage.

Brick and Stone – When restoring stone, it is always important to identify the cause of the stain and prevent the stain from reoccurring at the source. After restoration and curtailing the source of staining (if possible), it is important to protect the surface to help prevent future restoration. We recommend using our expert team and equipment to get the job done correctly.