Say hello to Blinds + Glass XL for extra-large windows and patio doors.

Enclosed blinds now available for XL patio doors and windows

Enclosed blinds are now available in 8′ wide patio doors as well as 8′ tall patio doors. Blinds can be incorporated into PH TECH patio doors as well as our WIN-DOR patio door offerings.

This expanded product line from ODL now offers blinds between glass for sizes up to 28 square feet. The size range of 9″-63″ x 46″-90″ is perfect for bath windows, sliding and folding patio doors, and large picture windows. Prior to Blinds + Glass XL, market offerings over 18 square feet were limited.

The color selection, safety and advanced light control you love from ODL Blinds + Glass, is now available in even bigger formats!

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