How to Choose Energy Efficient Windows in Colorado

There are important factors to consider when choosing windows for energy efficiency. Not all windows are energy efficient, and it takes some careful attention to get the best windows for your investment. First off, it is important to remember that energy efficient windows save you money by reducing your annual utility bills for heat and A/C. The cost savings can often add up to thousands of dollars every year. That means that your cost savings will pay for your windows over time. This is called a Return on Investment (ROI). If you invest in new windows, you will spend money on those windows. If they create lower monthly utility bills, those savings are what will pay for your investment in the upgraded windows. Homeowners should also consider the different ROIs for choosing different windows when they invest in new windows. Considerations for energy efficient windows include the Energy Ratings of the panes of glass of your window. All windows should be double or triple-paned. There are energy rating factors like the U-factor and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient that really dial down what you are trying to achieve with your windows. South facing glass can bring in free winter heat if passive solar is your goal. If letting in extra heat is not your goal, then a completely different window is desired. Window installation is key as well. A triple-paned window doesn’t work if the installers don’t insulate the gaps at installation. Those gaps can be hidden by the finish trim.

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