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Our Patio Door Systems are high-quality, energy-efficient doors that are constructed with high-performance components that provide a high resistance to the transfer of heat and cold, resulting in year-round comfort and performance. Our patio doors keep the weather where it belongs — outside, saving you money on your energy bills!

Patio Door Features & Benefits

Our high-performance patio doors combine dual-pane Low-E (low emissivity) glass with weather-tight frame designs. This combination greatly reduces heat, cold, and noise transfer while providing year-round comfort and performance.

  • Strong and deep profiles offer greater thermal efficiency and increased sound abatement.
  • Triple weatherstripping at side stiles and three-point contact weatherstripping at meeting stiles improve insulation, virtually eliminating air infiltration.
  • Installer Friendly Design: Installer friendly design and room for panel adjustment mean uneven surfaces are never a problem – it’s a snap to plumb and square.
  • Sealed units available with a variety of performance options.
  • Exclusive, high-performance patented water draining system incorporated in the lower sill.
  • Multipoint locking system.
  • Foot Lock feature for added security

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Other Features

Foot Lock on Patio Door Foot Lock

Our patio doors feature the added security of a foot look. With this, you not only gain additional safety because tampering with the door is much more difficult, but a foot lock also gives you an easy way to open the door hands-free, and views to the outside are not obstructed.

Fully Adjustable Rollers & Sturdy Screen

It’s smooth sliding all the way with these doors. Our patented spring-loaded rollers are fully adjustable at each corner. With these incorporated into the doors, it will prevent bothersome derailing.

Standard Colors

Cream White – Beige – Clay
PH Tech Color Options
Optional Colors / Stained Wood

Multiple Configurations and Sizes

This patio door series is available in 2-panel, 3-panel and 4-panel configurations, with a wide range of energy-smart glazing options and decorative grilles.
Patio Door Configurations & Sizes
Patio Door Configurations & Sizes

Blink Blinds

Blink Blinds is the new standard in home light control, offering blinds-between glass for windows and doors. A contemporary and streamlined alternative to traditional blinds. Blink brings an updated look and feel and finish to your entryway while keeping the same benefits of maintenance-free light and privacy control of enclosed blinds.

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T-Dog Doors Manufacturing

Pet doors are available in all patio door offerings. The pet door features a sturdy frame with a duel-flap pet door that is insulated and weather-stripped for excellent energy efficiency. Features a heavy frame and is designed perfectly to fit any patio door. Available in multiple sizes and colors.

Pet Door Sizes

Dog Door

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