storm damage insurance claim

Storm Damage due to climate change is increasing


Storm Damage is on the rise across the United States.  That means that home owners are needing to use their insurance at higher frequency each year. “A disaster related to a weather, climate or water hazard occurred every day on average over the past 50 years – killing 115 people and causing US$ 202 million in losses daily, according to a comprehensive new report from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).” The increased cost of damages and losses are almost all reflected in insurance related costs.

Home Owners not only need to know what damages are covered, but they need to know how to identify damage to submit to their insurance company. It is time consuming and requires an expert inspection to make sure that you get all of the damage covered and paid for.  At All Around Windows Wyoming, we have become insurance claims specialist.  We have in house experts that will come to your home for a no cost inspection, review our findings with you and help create bids to submit with your home owner’s insurance claim.  That is just the start of our service.  We will then be there for you to work with your insurance adjuster to help you get paid. And finally, we will coordinate preferred subcontractor’s to complete all of the work and installation.  We aren’t done until the job is done at the cost outlined in our initial bid submitted with the insurance claim.

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